Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Accreditation! is it a quality standard?

In India, all higher educational institutions are required to get there teaching courses (programmes) accreditated by a national organisation, namely National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Similarly the universities are mandated to obtain accreditation by another national organisation, namely National Assessment and Acreditation Council (NAAC).  

The accreditation is only to ensure whether the educational institution or the university meets the minimum prescribed standard. However it is misunderstood as a quality standard and hampering the further growth of the educational institutions.

The educational institutions are required to submit an elaborate report on a prescribed format prepared by the accreditating organisations. The institutions spend months and sometimes even years, fulfilling these requirements. However in many cases, these requirements are fulfilled only on paper and does not lead to the improvement in quality of the educational institutions. The following are the visible indicators of the fact: 

(a) The course content lies far behind the practical requirement of the industry.

(b) Despite the accreditation, many institutions are found actually lacking in fulfilling the basic requirements of land, instructional area, qualified faculty, laboratory facilities and library.

(c) Some Deemed Universities are accreditated and authorised to award PG and Ph D Degrees. However many such institutions have a few qualified regular faculty on the rolls and seriously lack in the laboratory infrastructure.

(d) None of the so called top ranking institutions and universities in India come even near to the world standards and ranking


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