Friday, March 2, 2012

Why AICTE protects non-viable engineering and management institutions

In a recent decision the AICTE, the apex organisation under the government of India, declared that they will not give approval for new engineering and management institutions in the country from the year 2014. As an educationist, I am surprised at the decision, for the following reasons:

(a) Although it is reported that large number of seats in some institutions remain unfilled, there are institutions which witness huge rush for the admissions. The students do not choose some, just because these are not good institutions.

(b) Some States have approached AICTE for imposing the ban. It is known that large number of these institutions are controlled by the politicians. It is possible that they pursued over the state government to take such decision. At least, the general public is likely to have that impression.

(c) The quality of higher education in the country is not good. One of the reasons is the customer (students and the parents) had no choice, as the number of seats available in the colleges fell short of the demand, till recently.

(d) Now since the number of seats available are more, the students and parents have choice to approach good institutions.

(e) The institutions will be required to continuously improve the academic quality, failing which they will perish. That is what happens to a non-viable industry. The same market forces should be allowed play, in case of educational institutions also. There should be no protection given by the government.

(f) The corporates are beginning to enter the education field. It is a welcome development, as it is bound to improve the quality. The AICTE imposing such a ban shall act as a deterrent.

Therefore it is suggested, the government should revoke the AICTE decision.

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