Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Higher Education: Choice of Engineering Branch

In India, The students passing VII Standard, in physics-chemistry-maths stream seek admission in engineering college. The admission is generally through written test conducted at the State or National level. Many parents are in a dilemma as to which engineering branch should they select for their ward. The engineering colleges generally offer Graduate courses in the following branches: (1) Chemical, (2) Civil, (3) Electrical, (4) Mechanical, (5) Electronics and (6) Computer. Some colleges also offer Biotechnology, Electronics and Telecommunication, Production engineering courses. In the list, the first four are the basic branches. Seasonally, the boost or slack periods are experienced from the point of view of job opportunities. However it seen that the opportunities in the basic branches remain fairly steady. The basic branches also form base for the other engineering sub-branches. It should also be noted that most of the engineering research, world over, is being conducted in the basic branches only. In my opinion, parents should first try to admit their ward in one of the basic branches. The other branches may be given second preference, initial high pay packages in some branches notwithstanding.

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